Thursday, October 19, 2017

SADHANA CAMP for Rural Genius-2017

                                        SADHANA CAMP for Rural Genius-2017
                                   (Sadhana Kuteer, Vinobha Nagar,Ibrahimpatnam)

Well begun is half done....
But with Gnana Saraswathi Foundation (GSF), all the beginnings are for sure aspired to support the young ingenious minds of government schools, and to continue with improvements at all the stages.

We, Team Gnana Saraswathi Foundation, are very much grateful to convey our deepest gratitude for all your heartfelt support and the best wishes directly and indirectly, in Planning, Execution and conduct of the SAADHANA CAMP FOR PALLE AANI MUTUAALU...for  one week,  successfully, to support the government school students.

At the cost of repetition, we would like to state the undisputable fact that, mostly the children from the under privileged families (economically backward), who live on daily wages are studying in Government schools and though there is no dearth of inborn talent and ingenious skills in these young souls, due to lack of encouragement, support and grooming at proper stages and proper forums, these talents, mostly are unrecognized and untapped, leave alone nourishment, Which we believe is sheer wastage of the NATURAL RESOURCES OF INDIA.

GSF has been working to make use of the optimal utilisation of all the natural resources of our country and it is an undinable fact that these young souls need utmost support and care at proper time and stages to support them to contribute their best to our society.

We, Team Gnana Saraswathi Foundation are happy to announce the successful conduct of Saadhana Camp for palle aanimutyalu, we append hereunder the deatils of the camp for your information and further discussion and interaction.

125 shortlisted students  from various Govt. Schools of Ranga reddy district, have participated in the camp. The events covered in the camp are  Painting, Yoga, Elocution, Singing and Essay writing.

The camp run for  one week at Sadhana Kuteer, Vinobha Nager ,Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy District from 20th to 27th of September 2017.

Hon. Guests:

Sri Venkat Reddy Garu, MEO, Ibrahimpatnam.
Sri Sada Venkat Reddy Garu, Founder of GSF.
Sri  Srinivas Goud Garu, ,GHM, Hyt,& GSF team member.
Sri Vishwanath Guptha Garu, GHM , Ibrahimpatnam & State best teacher Award Winner.
have visited the camp and blessed the students and gave them future direction during Inauguration & Closing ceremonies of the Camp.

Respected Faculty:

Sri Shankar Garu, Chitaranjan Das, Famous Singer,
Sri Ramana Garu, Sri Balraj Garu  for Elocution and Essay Writing
Sri Madhu Kuruva, Painter, Prashant garu, painter
Sri Ramesh Guruji and Team for Yoga,
have attended the camp daily to teach and guide the participants during the conduct of camp.

Interactive Sessions by:

Sri Rajendar Reddy Garu, National Secretary, Gandhi Global Family.
Sri Laxmana Charyulu, Retd.DEO, Nalgonda.
Sri Uma Maheswar Rao garu, Principal, Rachana Journalism College.
Sri Madhu Kuruva Garu,Painter.
Sri Raghuram Garu,CEO,DURA Automotives.
Sri Murali Manohar Garu,NCERT Member.
Sri Muddam Venkatesh Garu, GSF EC Member& Accomdation Incharge for Rural Genius.
Sri Yalala Naresh Reddy Garu, GSF EC Member & Academic Incharge for Rural Genius.
   have accepted our humble invitation to visit the camp and interacted and inspired the students.

Supporters :

 DURA autosystems and MCKS Food for Hungry foundation, all the individuals and The Volunteers of GSF have involved, supported and spared their precious time and energies in conduct of the camp.

We, Team Gnana Saraswathi Foundation, place our deepest gratitude on record for all the direct and indirect heartfelt support, and the best wishes of all our supporters, well wishers as above in Planning, Execution and conduct of the  SAADHANA CAMP FOR PALLE AANI MUTUAALU...for one week,successfully.

We truly believe and perceive the confidence that these programs give, to these Young Geniuses, to help them in believing and aspiring about their dreams to achieve big.

We also believe that we can not fathom the confidence that these young souls get, that they are never alone but are always supported by the society in all the walks of their lives to make it bigger and eventually supporting them to give their best to the society.

Requesting and expecting the same support for all our future activities, we thank all our supporters who are involved  directly and indirectly in this CAUSE....of making India an equitable and better place for all......

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Friday, June 16, 2017



 – 2017  on 17-06-2017 ,SATURDAY at RAVINDRA BHARATHI, Hyderabad.

Most of the talent lies in rural students, but unfortunately, many times no one identifies and uplifts them and even they don’t have proper guidance. So that we are not losing anything but the society is losing the talented ones. In order not to lose such talents we must identify them and encourage them in all aspects what we can afford. In turn our country should not lose any talented minds. These minds ultimately lit up the lights of talent in their own working place that always a healthy hand in country prosperity.

Minutes of the program:
 The program started with WELCOME DANCE BY Spoorthy Jyothi Foundation then lamp lightening followed by Sri. A. Narasimha Reddy Garu  (chairman, BAR Counsel of T.S and A.P) .
Felicitation/Awards for 102 students from various mandals of Ranga Reddy, Medchal & Vikarabad Districts. Who scored more than 9.5 GPA in recent SSC public examinations.

Honorable guests:
  • Sri. A. Narasimha Reddy Garu, Chairman , Bar Counsel of  T.S &A.P
  • Sri Rajendar Reddy Garu, Chairman, Gandhi Global Family
  • Sri .A. Sudhakar Rao Garu , VC & MD TSREDCO
  • Sri Daivagna Garu , Saraswathi Uppasakulu
  • Sri Srinivas Goud Garu, GHM Hayathnagar,RR Dist
  • Sri Sada Venkat Reddy Garu, Founder- Gnana Saraswathi Foundation

We expect that our small effort of encouragement will help them to excel in their career. A small ray of hope will help to develop in their educational life as well as personal life which, in turn leads to the country's development. It can give enough boosts to many other students like them.
We thank all our foundation Supporters, volunteers  and everyone who involved to make the program big success.

for more photos click herePrathibha Awards-2017 pics

Friday, January 13, 2017

LAKSHYAM-2017(Completed the selection test Successfully)

             We have been working for the needy rural Government school students to uplift their education situation by providing proper guidance and support in all possible means. GSF is always working to supplement the precious efforts of various government teachers and functionaries. In our endeavour to motivate, guide and mould them to face the 10th class exams and the competitive life ahead, we have been conducting residential camps every year among other programs to groom the 10th class students of government schools.

We have been conducting residential camps for the 10th class students of government schools from Ranga Reddy district since 2008 for a duration of 7-10 days and We proudly submit that from the academic year 2013-14, we are conducting the residential camps for 30-40 days as advised by the subject experts and as per the feedback received from the students, who have attended the previous camps.
For the academic year 2016-17, we would like to cover government schools from 3 districts viz. Ranga Reddy, Medchal & Vikarabad and propose to conduct 40 days residential camp for 300 needy, deserving and willing (to stay in residential camp for the 40 days) students from the government schools of these 3 Districts.
As a part of this we completed Selection test on 21/01/2017 in 3 Districts in 19 test centers (Rangareddy-8, Vikarabad-4, Medchal-7). a total of 1475 students took part in the test across the 19 test centers(Rangareddy-670, Vikarabad-375, Medchal-430). The shortlisted 300 Needy and deserving students students details will be sent to the respective school teachers, HMs, MEOs before 26th January 2017. for these selected students a 40-Days Spl. Residential camp will be organised from 4th Feb,2017- 14th March,2017 @ Gurukul Vidyapeet, IBP.

we thank all the school teachers, MEOs and District officers and especially the volunteers who took active participation in making this selection test program success.