Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Brief Activity round up of GSF by Keerthana E

  • Amma Vadi (Mother’s lap)
  • Badi (School)
  • Gudi (temple)

In 2005 GSF has started with an intention to motivate and encourage rural students. The First programme to  start was GUDI (temple) construction, 2 temples in 3 years. ―
SREE GNANA SARASWATHI TEMPLE‖ for student’s enhancement is constructed only with the contributions of the students which is one of the 2 temples works as center for programs held by GSF. For the last 4 years GSF has been working for the benefit of Rural poor and deserving chldren.

Badi(school) is the second most important place after the Mother’s lap which plays very crucial role in moulding an individual as a great human being; A country’s future is created in the class rooms. So school is the center of GSF activities.

GSF main goals are

 · Recognizing and encouraging the talents of students in the early stage
 · To improve ethical values in the students
 · To help them in being a responsible citizen

GSF started with gnana saraswathi temple as center and government schools as platform for the development of students in rural areas because those students are losing their career paths due to illiteracy in parents and poverty. Anyway government is giving importance to them in the same way but it is getting failure due to lack of correct implementation and it is also not good to depend on government for everything.

So GSF wants to give possible support to them and started its programs; from 1 mandal in 2008 GSF spread its works to 8 mandals (92 schools). GSF is now organizing its full fledged activities in 3 mandals over 35 govt. schools. Around 12000 students are being benefitted by this program.
The Activities of GSF are

  1. Patriotic songs competition
  2. Prasikshana training program specially designed for SSC students
  3. Libraries 
  4. Aksharabysam
  5. Coaching for Navodaya Entrance Exam
  6. Annual day celebrations in government schools
  7. Distribution of stickers with inspirational patriots
All these programs are being held with the support of  generous people.

The following sloka sums up
                                                     Adhishtanam Thadakartha
                                                     Karanancha Pruthikvidham
                                                     Vividaacha prithak Shreshta
                                                     Divam chivatra panchamam
For any social activity to be fruitful following are required
Adhishtanam -- Has to determine a goal
Thadakarta----It should have some activists who work in accordance with that goal
Karanancha pruthik vidham—It should have a clear policy.
Vividaacha prithak shreshta—consistent and untiring efforts are needed to achieve that goal
Divam chivatra panchamam—if all the above four are appropriately considerd ,then we get god’s grace as fifth support.

The above sloka is compared to GSF as follows; GSF is formed with a goal to enlighten rural students . It has designed a plan with certain programs to achieve goal. All the programs conducted by the GSF have become successful due to the relentless efforts of its activists. As said above BADI & GUDI programs are running successfully. But we were clueless for two years to begin AMMA VADI programme as mentioned in the above sloka like god’s grace a lion hearted woman Mrs. Lorrie came forward to lend her helping hand .
Mrs lorrie of Lavya foundation which also works for Rural students progress; During her visit in 2010 she interacted with some of the rural Students which made her to determine for the initiation of 50cents period especially for girls. She started 50 cents period with the support of her friends as well as the contributions by other bighearted people. Now the awaiting Amma vadi program is initiated by GSF with the coordination of 50 centes period. Lorrie is very enthusiastic and she expressed her whole heartedness towards Amma vadi (mother’s lap) program .As a part of it when she was here to Andhra Pradesh in sep 2011for a 2days visit (sep26th &sep 27th) she visited all the GSF working schools and expressed her satisfaction about GSF work . In 2days busy schedule which started at 7 in the morning and wound up at 9 pm I am amazed by Mrs. Lorrie’s commitment in knowing the people’s problems. Her untried efforts to make people educated is outstanding. She beautifully inculcated moral values to students through her inspirational messages. Throughout her visit I must appreciate her integrity to help the society is incomparable.

Two important programs which are accomplished by GSF during these 2 days Lorries’s visit are
1. Initiation of Amma Vadi program which gives foremost importance to the female education in rural areas.
2. Adoption of 3 orphan girls who are in very pathetic conditions.

Summing up LORRIE L King's 2 DAY VISIT 

1st day(26th September 2011)

                       In nandivanaparthi Lorrie visited zphs high school, she met Head Master(HM)and teachers of the school in the temple later she visited GNANA SARASWATHI TEMPLE constructed by GSF as a part of GUDI(temple) program. She conveyed her message to the students.



Boligunta Thanda 
                    In boligunta thanda Lorrie interacted with all the thanda people and visited primary school students and their activities.


                     In kothapally zphs school Lorrie got warm welcome from teachers, HM and students. There Lorrie was very happy to see WATER PURIFICATION PLANT established by Lavya foundation later she had thankful meet with HM and teachers followed by students regards to lorrie and students cultural activities.





 Kothapally Thanda
                     In kothapally thanda lorrie was very interested to meet banjara people and had a nice time with them participating in their cultural dances later she visited there primary school and conveyed her message to educate children.

Lorrie had meeting with all schools HMs from Manchal mandal for sometime in the evening at Ibrahimpatnam.

Lorrie had meeting with all GSF activists followed by launching of Amma vadi program in the presence of guests and she shared her feelings in coordinating 50 cent with amma vadi program. Later Lorrie was warmly honored by GSF.


2nd day(27th September 2011) 

Three orphan Girls 
                    Lorrie visited 3 orphan girls at Gadda mallai gudem and interacted with girls also their grandmother and neighbors.


                   Lorrie continued her visit to zphs high school at rangapur and had meeting with HM &teachers of the school and interacted with students later she conveyed her message to the students.




Perikarala Thanda
                   Lorrie received warm reception from perikarala thanda high school students and teachers ,she had a good interaction with teachers and discussed about progress of the school for long time later visited the thanda and their lifestyle along with students and teachers.





                   Lorrie got heart full welcome from loyapally high school students, HM and teachers. Lorrie was firstly very glad to see WATER PURIFICATION PLANT at loyapally launched by Lavya foundation in coordination with GSF. Lorrie had thankful meeting with HM and teachers followed by students greetings and satisfactory speeches thanking Kiran sir. Lorrie was greatly honored by loyapally students with her favourite banjara worked clothes. Lorrie ended the visit with her motivated speech at loyapally.