Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gnanasaraswathi Library

Motto: Equipping the villages with good educational resources.

A good book always keeps ones mind with enriched thoughts and motivates to achieve their goal. To instill the great cultural, patriotic values in school children will make them great citizen. Establishing and maintaining libraries is one of the crucial foundation activities.
In recent days we established a fourth library in Begumpet village of Kandukur Mandal. With esteemed participation and contribution (with Rs. 75,000.00) from this 2000 populous village made this possible.

Alampur CI, Gundrapalli Raju, chief guest on the program, who is also from the same village said “Libraries help not only in providing good books but also achieving higher goals. All the villages, youth organization's teams, Sarpanch and upa sarpanch were present at the venue.

A heartful thanks to each who all are part of the great cause.

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