Monday, November 28, 2011


As part of Foundation work, we are conducting several programs for students from past years. For rural Govt. School students in order to score highest marks in 10th Class SSC Public Examinations we conducted training camps (by providing study material). By choosing top five meritorious students from every School in 35 Schools which covers 3 Mandals (Yacharam, Manchal and Ibrahimpatnam), we conducted training camps once in a month and a six day residential camp. Our intention and great labour of students resulted good scores in latest SSC Public examination Results, 2011.

This program started by the educational year 2010-11. This mission is going with the same spirit and success for current educational year 2011-12 as well. Here we have the details of inaugural program that conducted on 26-Nov-2011, at Vaishnavi Gardens, Ibrahimpatnam

Minutes of the Camp:
9:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M Breakfast, student enrolment, Instructions, Notebooks Distribution

10:00 A.M to 10:30 A.M Inauguration of the Camp, Jyothi Prajwalan, Saraswathi Prarthana, Vandematharam, Speeches of Guests (Shri. Ramprasad (A.C.P), Shri. Ramkumar (C.I))

10:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M (Session I)
Personality Development & Mind Power sessions conducted by Shri. Venugopal Reddy(Gunnies book Record Holder of Mind Power)

12:30 P.M to 12:45 P.M Refreshment Break

12:45 P.M to 2:00 P.M (Session II)
Class on Yoga and Meditation by Yoga Therapist G.V.R Koundinya)

02:00 P.M to 02:45 P.M Lunch

02:45 P.M to 03:00 P.M Entertainment Programs by Prasad

03:00 P.M to 03:30 P.M (Session III)
Class on Time Management by V. Raghuram

03:30 P.M to 04:30 P.M (Session IV)
Maths: Subject Techniques session by Shri. Muthyal Rao

04:30 P.M to 05:20 P.M (Closing Session)
Mandal Educational officers mentioned below addressed the students.
1. Shri Srinivas Goud (M.E.O , I.B.P)
2. Shri Madhava Reddy (M.E.O, Y.C.M)
3. Shri Srinivas Rao (Educationalist, Principal-Gurukul Vidyapeeth ,IBP)

· Apart from the participants, Teachers from the respect Schools were also at the camp.
· Educationalists and social activists from local area also visited the camp
· GSF members from respected mandals are also part of the camp.
· Study Material distributed among the students during the program.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Government schools in state underperforming, says survey

How serious is the state government about implementing the Right to Education Act? Are social sector programmes producing the desired result? The Annual Status of Education Report by the NGO Pratham indicates that government schools in Andhra Pradesh are underperforming in many ways.
The survey conducted in every district of Andhra Pradesh indicates that 43 per cent of schools with enrolment of 61 to 90 students have less than three teachers. The RTE requires a school with 61 to 90 students to have at least three teachers.
Under RTE, there should be one classroom for every teacher, but in AP, 73.2 per cent of the schools with more than or equal to seven teachers are below norms.
Asked about this obvious lack of infrastructure government officials say they are hoping that the additional funding will take care of the situation.
“Infrastructure should not be a problem. The government has allocated additional `4,400 crore under the sarva siksha abhiyan scheme, so the improvement should fall in place in the next two years,” said an official in the department of school education.
Given the alacrity with which funds disappear into anything but the projects for which they are meant, this does not inspire much confidence.
President of Andhra Pradesh Balala Hakkula Sangham, Mr Achyuta Rao, said that 53 per cent of schools with less than 60 students have only one teacher.
If the teacher goes on leave, the school will not function. Such issues need to be addressed first by the government.

A study of 900 schools in 15 districts released by Aser Centre last week followed 30,000 Class 2 and Class 4 students over 15 months. The results show that children learned modest amounts during this time, but most remained at least two grade levels behind where they should be, including in the best performing states.-Hindustan Times