Monday, October 8, 2012

AMMA VADI PROGRAM:(Bags Distribution to Govt. School students)


                    Under Amma vadi, Bags distribution program was conducted in Nandiwanaparthy Gnana Saraswathi temple for about 320 students of 4th and 5th classes in Yacharam mandal. 

With the great support from our sister organization 50 Cents period, bags were distributed in 8 schools of yacharam mandal namely Kothapally thanda, Singaram, Mogulavampu, Mondigowrelli, Yacharam, Nandiwanaparthy, Chinthula and Chowdarpalli.  
            The chief guests for the distribution of bags and to convey their blessings to the students are

                        Shri. Kishan Rao, M.R.O
                        Shri Madhav Reddy,M.E.O
                        Shri. Gnanendar Reddy, Yacharam mandal CI,
                        And Head masters and teachers from concerned schools.

Guests felt very happy about the programs conducted by foundation and said that all the programs conducted by foundation are very useful for govt. school students’ personality development and helping them to shape them into the future role models. Founder of GSF, Shri Sada Venkat reddy made them to take oath (Sankalpam) to work for the country once they were well settled. Shri. Muddam Venkatesh, Dist. In-charge from GSF, volunteers and Rtd. Teachers were also present at the program.

            Under the volunteer ship of Sandhya, Pallavi, foundation members Damodar, Raju, Anil and Mahender program was successfully completed. 

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Students Enjoying after receiving the bags


Opinion of a teacher on the Amma Vadi program 


                             Opinion of a teacher on the Amma Vadi program