Saturday, September 10, 2016


As the school going age is the vital time for a foundation for the personality of a citizen, we are focussing on moulding the personalities of the future Indians in Government Schools by giving them proper and suitable inputs/knowledge/guidance to not only groom the inborn qualities but also to inculcate the best qualities in them to enable them to become a responsible and mature future empathetic citizens.
In this regard, we are conducting Samskara Saadhana Camps to groom and mould the students of Government Schools through Sahaja Aananda Yoga (SAY) and Manava Abhyudya Aduyayana Samstha (MAAS) under the guidance of Shri Ramesh Guruji  and the details of the same are as enumerated below:

Samskara Saadhana Camps are planned to help the students to improve concentration, Dedication and to tap the innate Creativity and to focus on the good qualities and to improve them and also to help the students to give away the bad habits and to consciously stay away from bad thoughts.. It not only purifies the soul but also purifies the body through Yoga and Meditation. This camp is not only useful for the students but it is equally benefits the Teachers as well.

It surely is an all round personality development program aimed at Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies. 
This is a 6 day program and the students will practise Meditation, Yoga, Praanayama and Surya Namaskaaras, daily. In addition to this, each day is dedicated to train/groom the participants in specfic areas Viz, 
1st Day- Development of Humanistic Values 
2nd Day-Grooming Leadership Qualities 
3rd day- Inculcating Responsibility (starts from Self and extends to the Universe ) 
4th day- Practising to Live with Positive Attitude 
5th day- Realising and acknowledging the Greatnes in all the people 
and on the 6th day, the camp concludes with seeking blessings from the Teachers, Parents and Elders through Paada Puja.

As a part of this camp, we ensure that all the parents, village heads, youth, alumni and youth organisations are involved in the camp and all of them will come together during the camp and the conclusion of the camp is celebrated as a village festival and this platform will be used to involve all the participants as a part of the school and everybody will wholeheartedly come forward for the welfare of the students and development of the school by contributing their bid individually and also as a VILLAGE TEAM.
we have the completed the program in GHS-IBP, ZPHS-Arutla, ZPHS-Hayathnagar, ZPHS- MP Patelguda, ZPHS-Nandiwanapartgy, ZPHS-thimmpur.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Save Tree Movement-2016


As schools are foundation stones for the next generation of humankind it is very much pertinent to link growing of tress to schools wherein the Students will inculcate the habit of Construction and also help them to shoulder their share of responsibility right from an early age.