Sunday, August 9, 2015

Swachh Vidyalay-Swachh Bharath

Inspired by our Teachers, Parents and our roots and as a part of Swatchh Bharat Swatch vidyalay, we are adopting 4 schools viz: Nandiwanaparthy, Arutla, Thimmapur and Ibrahimpatnam Boys for a period of 3 years in coordination with interested and like minded Adopters, for a period of 3 years.

1.The program will be governed by a Regulatory Committee, which consists of 25 members ( i.e 5 Members from GSF Community (1 Advisory Board Member, 2 EC Members and 2 Volunteers),  4 members from the Adopter's Family/Circle Community ,  3 members from the School [ Head Master and 1 female teacher and 1 male teacher ], 3 members from the Village [ Sarpanch , MPTC and Chairman of parents committee], 10 members from students [Class Leaders, One girl and one boy from 6th to 10th classes]).
The Regulatory Committee will also solicit the support of the Youth Associations and Retired Employees of the village on a regular basis
Tentative directives/Objectives of the program are enumerated as below:
a. Cent per cent result in 10th class ,
b. Sevadin (Service day)- Weekly once - for upkeep and maintenance of cleanliness of the school and  surroundings - every week by one of the classes
c.  Identification of Raw talents in multiple areas - Grooming and Giving them a suitable  platform to showcase their skills
Conduct of YOGA classes regularly
e. Parents Paada- pooja and coordination for regular Parents Meetings
f. Regular reading sessions - Activities to encourage reading habit among the students
g.  Interactive Motivational and Inspirational sessions for Students, Parents  and Teachers
h. Celebration of birthdays of students and teachers - Planting and owning up
i. Educational Tours for talented students
j. Conduct of annual day functions in the lines of Village Festivals etc..
We are happy to announce the launch of the programs at Nandiwanaparthy , Ibrahimpatan and Thimmapur Schools.
Xth class students of 1990 batch of NandiwanaparthySchool have volunteered to adopt the NWP school.

For more pics Click here:Ibrahimpatnam