Monday, April 6, 2015

SAADHANA-Residential Camps for Rural Genius( A Talent Hunt for Govt.School Students

Rural Genius:

Though there is no dearth of Talent, Creativity and Skills among the rural government school students, due to lack of recognition and support at the appropriate time, most of these poor yet talented students are unable to cherish their Ingenious, Inborn and Innate talents and skills.To catch them young and also to support and nurture these ingenious young souls and to provide them with a proper platform to showcase their talents, GSF is conducting RURAL GENIUS to identify the talented students and also to provide them with required support and to facilitate them to soar high and achieve greater heights, which are hitherto impossible for them.

Our Appeal:

Together we can achieve the best possible results, with the collaboration of all....!!!
It is a fact that, mostly the children from the under privileged families (economically backward), who live on daily wages are studying in government schools. Nevertheless they have excellent inborn talent and ingenious skills, which mostly are unrecognized and untapped, leave alone nourishing the skills and talents, due to lack of encouragement and support.
If these young souls are encouraged and empowered at an early age, to maximum possible extent, they not only can create wonders but they certainly can be a driving force in the all round development of our country. They will definitely ignite many souls like them. The crucial uplift that we provide to them will bring colors to their lives. A small ray of hope will help them to develop in their educational life as well as personal life which, in turn leads to country's development. If this small act gives us pleasure, it is really precious, unforgettable and speech less.