Sunday, January 8, 2012


As a part of foundation work, we are conducting several programs from past years. we
conducted training camps for rural govt. school students in order to help them in scoring
highest marks in 10th SSC public examinations by providing study material. In this process
we choose top 5 meritorious students from every school in 35 schools which covers 3
mandals (Yacharam, Manchal and Ibrahimpatnam) we conducted residential training camps
for six days once in a month. In latest 2011 SSC public examinations our intention is fulfilled
with good score results for great number of students.

Date:22-12-2011 Place:Vishnavi Garden Ibrahimpatnam
Minutes of the Camp

9.00A.M to 9.30 A.M: Breakfast

9.30A.M To 10.00 A.M: Instructions tostudents &revision of last class.

10.00A.M To 11.30 A.M: Session- I: class onpersonality development and techniques and approach for preparation ofexamination by reputed counseling Psychologist DR. Praveen Kumar.

11.30A.M to 11.45A.M: Break

11.45A.M to 12.30 P.M: Continuation of DR. Praveen Kumar.

12.30P.M to 1.30 P.M: Session-II Yoga class by G.V.R Koundinya.

1.30P.M to 2.30 P.M: Lunch.

2.30P.M to3.30 P.M: Session-III Mathematics class by Sri. Muthyala Rao.

3.30P.M to 4.30 P.M: Session-IV Exam on National Anthem, National Song and Pledge.And Essay writing on EDUCATIOIN IN GOVT SCHOOLS.

4.30P.M to 5.30 P.M: Session-V Closing session Instructions and Suggestions to thestudents who will participate for Residential camp from 11 JAN TO 13 JAN by Sada Venkat Reddy.