Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gnana Saraswathi Foundation facilitates and Supports visit of Lavya foundation to 2 schools

The Telugu vernacular news paper SAKSHI has covered the visit to the Loyalapally ZPHS (the last school on the border of Rangareddy district and nalgonda district).

The report says:
19th December 2010
NRI (Non resident Indians) Delegates Visit the LOYALAPALLY school
Manchala: Newsline:
The NRIs of the LaVya Foundation ( visited the Loyalapally ZPHS (Zilla parishad High School). The Visiting delegates enquired about the needs and the problems facing the school. The Foundation representatives said that they are working to bridge the gap, especially the educational infrastructure needed for the Govt schools. They stressed that they would do everything possible from their end to make education in the Govt schools more fruitful and learning more comfortable. Earlier the delegation visited the Kottapally Govt High School in Yacharam mandal. They have patiently learnt the issues faced by the school the children and the teachers as well.
Teaching, Infrastructural facilities they said were their priority. To that effect they noted down every single word taht the teachers and the students spelled out in the interaction. The Programme was attended by the LaVya Foundation's Lorrie, Relations manager Jerremy, Veeraiah chowdhary, venkata reddy of the Gnana Saraswathi Foundation and the Head masters Raji reddy and Govardhan reddy and others.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Activity Report of Gnana saraswathi foundation


Objective:In accordance with the ancient culture of reciting the first letters of education, in front of lord saraswati, and with blessing of prominent persons, aneed was felt in the villages to sensitize the villagers, parents, teachers and students and conduct such programs.

Activity:Aksharabhyasam program were conducted at Gnana Saraswati temple in nandi vanaparti village, with the involvement of H.H. Vidyaranya Bharatiswamiji.

  • Slates and other study material was provided to all the students participated in the activity 
  • Families from surrounding mandals participated in this program every year and availed the opportunity.
  • Community leaders such as Gram Panchayat member, anganwadi teachers, youth organization etc were involved in this program
  • This activity is being conducted this 2008 every year. Participants are increasing every year since then
Patriotic Songs competition (group songs)

Objective:It is the duty of the current generation to pass on the legacy of sacrifices made by our freedom fighters during our freedom fight. This programis deigned to achieve this intent and also to increase creativity in the students

  • This event is organized in every mandal. All the schools falling undereach mandal will be given a patriotic songs book and a CD. Each school sendsone students group as their representation.
  • The past this program was conducted in 4 mandals. This year it isplanned to take this activity to 8 mandals
  • Winners of mandal level competition will taken to the zonal levelcompetition.
  • Winners of zonal level competition will be given a cash award meantfor buying musical instruments. 
  • 250 students participated in this event last year. This year it is targeted tohit 1000 students with this program 
School Libraries
Providing resources to the village, which can help the students in shapingthem as good citizen of society

  • Establishing library in village which has books on our national hero’s,traditional values, heritage, moral stories, books on science, competitive exam guides etc
  • Last year these libraries were setup in two villages (nandi vanaparty & mall inyacharam mandal)
  • This year it is planned to extend this to 10 villages 
10th Class Training Camp
is to take advantage of government schemes (IIIT and corporatesponsored higher education) for students who pass 10 th class with distinction and groom/mentor the village government school students to achieve higher scores in 10 th class.

ActivityTo conduct training session to selected students 4 times a year during vacation and training them in subjects, exam preparation and personality development.

  • Study material will be provided by the foundation for these selected students.
  • Selection process will be done in consultation with the teachers of the respective schools
Navodaya Study Centers

To take the advantage of the government schemes and to encourage the students to get into Novadaya schools, training camps are planned in the villages to prepare the students for the competitive exam.

  • In 10 villages, 10 study centers were planned with qualified teaching staff for 2 months.
  • Students were selected by the respective school teachers and send to these study centers. Approximately 150 students participated in this activity 
  • Required study material was provided to each student participated in this activity
  • Cost per center was Rs 4000.00 including study material
Vasantha Panchami
  • Vasantha Panchami (Birthday of goddess saraswati) is conducted in gnana swaraswati temple in participation with students 
  • 1000 Students from 3 mandals participated in this event and recited saraswati slokas
  • H.H. Vidyaranya Bharati swamiji attended the function and blessed the students.
  • DEO, MEO and teachers of respective schools attended the function 
  • Personality development program was arranged to the students
Pratibha Puraskar
Identifying the meritorious students in the village governmentschools and award them accordingly to promote spirit to excel in studies. Inparallel organizing events which extracts the creativity of the children and encourage them.   
Service Orientation
To inculcate service motive in students, and to encourage them in communityparticipation, foundation has formed student teams who were motivated toparticipate in plantation activity. These team were also responsible towards themaintenance of these plants

Foundation involved youth associations, school alumni in this activity.

    Objectives of Gnana Saraswathy Foundation

     At broad level the following are the summary of activities adopted by our foundation.
    AMMA VADI (Mother Lap):
    Awareness campaigns for mothers to enable them rearthe children into healthy citizens with high moral & ethical standards

    BADI (School):o Vaatsalya Griha for the needy children
    o Promotion of girl child education
    o Elimination of child labour & Education for all
    o Nourishing the latent talent of the children by various activities like patrioticsongs competition quizzes, games etc.
    o Holistic development through Yog and Dhyana (Meditation) camps
    o Coaching, mentoring & financial support to students aspiring for highereducation
    o Activities aimed at reviving & strengthening Guru Shishya parampara
    o Channelising the student power towards seva activities

    GUDI (Temple):
    o Regular Aksharabhayasa camps in the temple of learning – Sri Gnanasaraswathi Mandir

    o Encouraging youth to participate in seva activities drawing inspiration from thedivine environment intune with the ancient temple culture and activities

    o Spreading the ancient culture, values & tradition of Bharata Varsha with thetemple as epi centre

    o Free medical assistance to people who cannot afford The Gnana Saraswathi Foundation aims to accomplish the above objectives with the temple and school at the core in line with the practice of ancient Bharat We have committed volunteer force who is working at the ground level on all the above activities